History of Millet Wine

Legacy of 5000 Years of Chinese Civilization

Living Fossil of Ancient Wine Culture


Millet wine marks the origin of the wine culture in China, which started in the period of Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns over 7,000 years ago. Exclusively produced in China, Millet wine is the most ancient wine in China, reputed as “essential Chinese wine”, and ranked among the three types of major fermented wines in the world (rice wine, beer and grape wine). According to The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, “From the ancient time, saints made herb broth and wine to be drunk in case of illness!” This is millet wine, which is the earliest record of wine in history. Making wine with millet is a way of consuming millet by wise ancients through practical experiences.

Rice wine started in North Shaanxi, where the Chinese people originated. Up till now, people in North Shaanxi preserve the custom of making millet wine, before Spring Festivals. 

      Historical heritage

Millet was planted 8,700-10,000 years ago, an astonishing fact discovered through the age determination testing of ashing samples of early crop seeds preserved in the Cishan Neolithic Culture Site in Hebei. About 7,000 years ago, the early stage of primitive agrarian age for Chinese, millet became people’s primary food. Harvested millet was piled in caves or pits that caught mildew and sprouted after a long time to be naturally brewed into wine. Such was the earliest millet wine naturally made. 

Jiang Tong of the Jin Dynasty wrote in Announcement about Drunkenness (JiuGao), “Abundant rice was left on a cave in a mulberry garden. The rice gave out smell, which turned into fragrance after a long time. Wine was thus discovered, and there was no miraculous recipe.” This record proves the point. 

The Chinese civilization started from our mother river—the Yellow River Basin. It is undoubted that wine naturally originated in the Yellow River Basin. The earliest wine is proved to be the millet wine popular in North Shaanxi, because only North Shaanxi in the Yellow River Basin retains the custom of making wine with millet (glutinous millet).

By the Song Dynasty, with the eastward and southward migration of political, economic and cultural centers, rice wine making was well developed and preserved in the south, only that the raw material used was changed to rice. However, millet wine fully deserves the title of “originator of wine”.


To preserve the authentic “wine” making process that our ancestors followed for 7,000 years, to meet people's yearning for millet wine, and to satisfy people’s pursuit of high quality life, we build the winery and name our brand “ShengqingNanwang” . It embeds the idea of healthy life, cultural heritage and zeitgeist. 

The brand idea of ShengqingNanwang is:

Grow good millet with good soil; Make good wine with good conscience. ShengqingNanwang is the healthy drink at family reunion parties.

It is the wine to heighten spirit, atmosphere, taste and a sense of happiness!

We, who deeply venerate millet wine, a heritage of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, and living fossil of ancient wine culture:

Thank heaven and earth — ShengqingNanwang, is our offer to the land and river which have been nourishing us for so many years;

Thank our parents—ShengqingNanwang, is our offer to our father and mother who gave us life and family;

Thank our brothers—ShengqingNanwang, is our offer to our brothers who share the same blood with us;

Thank our friends—ShengqingNanwang, is our offer to our bosom friends who have been accompanying us;

Thank our business partners—ShengqingNanwang, is our offer to them for their trust and support!

“ShengqingNanwang” millet wine has been unanimously praised by Party and State leaders, particularly by President Xi Jinping, when they visited Yan'an.

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