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Natural Millet Wine “nurtured” with the Yellow River Water of the Loess Plateau


Millet, with larger seeds, is best among five cereals. Millet is classified into two kinds, hard millet called broomcorn millet and sticky millet called proso millet.

In China, millet is mainly planted on the Loess Plateau along the Great Wall. Millet harvested in Baotou, Yulin and Yan’an (110° E, 36° N) has the highest quality. The ShengqingNanwang Millet Winery is located in the hometown of General Liu Zhidan—Zhidan County, Yan’an. 

The loess land on the North Shaanxi Plateau is covered with Cenozoic red soil and thick loess on the ancient landform constituted by Mesozoic base rock, similar to chernozem land. The soil is thick with high contents of organic substances and a fine soil structure. 

The local area is in the warm temperature zone with semi-arid and semi-humid climate, sufficient illumination (2,471.7 hours of sunlight each year), an average annual temperature of 9.4, and daily temperature swing above 12. The annual precipitation is 300-500mm, and the frost-free season lasts 160-250 days. Crops enjoy long growth cycle.

The fertility factors needed for the growth of millet such as water, fertility, air and heat are in concert, and the microbial activities are vigorous. All prove the strong capability of the land in water and nutrients supply.

Growing slowly, following the law of nature, absorbing the spirits of heaven and earth, and integrating the essence of sun and moon, millet produced in such a favorable environment is plump and excellent with very high nutritional value at the time of harvest.

This is how the millet needed for making ShengqingNanwang millet wine grows. 

The statistics show that millet locally produced is rich in nutrition, and beneficial to health. Its protein content is as high as or higher than 12%, starch 72%, fat 1%. In addition, multiple vitamins such as carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B6, B1 and B2 as well as mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper are found. Millet is extraordinarily rich in nutritional values. 

When uniting the vast desert, Genghis Khan, the Great Conqueror ate solid millet food which was easy to carry. All his generals and soldiers were as strong as horses. 

Also, as far as 50 km away from the planting area, no industrial pollution can be found, which guarantees a golden area for organic millet growth, a source of truly healthy, green and safe raw material for wine. 

“ShengqingNanwang” millet wine, which absorbs the essence of heaven and earth for natural nutrition, is an exceptionally healthy drink

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