President’s Address

He Yuqiang, Chairman of Yan’an ShengqingNanwang Culture and Creativity Co., Ltd.

       Solnice, Taste of the mother

       On the eve of the Spring Festival each year, my mother would brew a jar of millet wine that brought endless joy and happiness to the whole family. No matter how much we ate the farm meal in the first month of the lunar year, we are comfortable and healthy from head to toe, so long as we drank a bowl of hot wine! Even now, the millet fragrance and sweet and sour flavor can indulge me in the happiness of my childhood.

To save the authentic “wine” brewing process that our ancestors follow for several thousand years, to commemorate my mother, and to let more people enjoy the millet wine I drank in my childhood, I have invested in the winery of “ShengqingNanwang” so that more people would regain nice childhood memories and have good health!

Dedicated to the Dearest

Collect a bunch of wild flowers

For the one I love most

Hold a bowl of millet wine

For the one who is dearest

In the sweet and refreshing wine

is endless kinship affection

Amidst the strong wine fragrance

is ineffable nostalgia

Holding a bowl of millet wine

Memories of my mother flood back

A wisp of lingering fragrance

Sweetens my long yearning for you

Drink a bowl of wine

To inebriate my nostalgia

Take a bowl of moonlight

To warm up my heart

Dewdrops on the ears of millet

Sparkle the deep affection of the yellow earth

Sweet spring water

reflected the eyes of my beloved one

Hold a bowl of wine

For my beloved one

Reminding me of my mother’s care and love for me

Propose a toast

To the one I love most

Till the end of the time

We’ll never

Part with each other

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